On 9 of May 1929, the firm Raul César Ferreira (Herd.) S.A. (RCF) was created by Engineer Raul César Ferreira (1890 – 1959), great grandfather of the current President of the Board (CEO), António Trigueiros de Aragão.

Writer and naval construction engineer, joined the Portuguese war navy, in which he stayed until initiating his activity as an Official Industrial Property Agent.

Currently, the technical management is assured by several Industrial Property Official Agents, namely António Trigueiros de Aragão, Pedro Moreira, João Jorge, Elsa Canhão and Jorge Faustino.

RCF is one of the market leaders in Portugal in the field of Intellectual Property, counting on an internal set of specialized collaborators in technological and translation areas, in addition to an external set of highly qualified associates in the most diverse areas.

RCF has among its clients some of the most representative Portuguese companies, as well as the many important international companies, namely from Europe, America and Asia, from the most diverse sectors. It also corresponds with colleagues from all over the world in Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Presently, in addition to Protecting Innovation, we are dedicated to support internationalization efforts, making sure the required level of protection and the appropriate adaptations of the product to the new market are guaranteed.

Since then our mission has been to support the internationalization of innovation and to protect knowledge and our client’s rights through the most up-to-date methods and technological tools, allied with the know-how and team experience, safeguarding confidentiality in order to boost and preserve the value of such assets throughout time.