Domain Names

What are they?

According to the Association, ‘’a domain is a memorable name which is used to locate and identify computers on the Internet.

When a web place is visited or an e-mail sent, our computer needs to know the location of the server in which the page or the destination e-mail box are stored so they can shows us the information we want to see.

The information about the location of these servers is in a name server which ensures the indication of the right address for the delivery of the requests sent by our computer to the Internet. This task is operated by converting the domain name indicated by our computer in and IP address which identifies the location of the computers on the Internet.’’

Types of domains

There are multiple types of domain names, being the most well known ones the following:

ccTLD ( Country Code Top-Level Domain)

These are the domains that correspond to the multiple countries. There are approximately 245 ccTLD:


  • .pt – corresponds to Portugal
  • .es – corresponds to Spain
  • .fr – corresponds to France

gTLD (Generic Top-Level Domain)

These are the domains that correspond to the most well known designations:


  • .com – corresponds to commercial
  • .net – corresponds to network
  • .org – corresponds to organization
  • .biz – corresponds to business
  • .info – corresponds to information


Being a holder of a domain grants multiple advantages, for example:

  • Guarantees a defense of the holder’s right against cases such as cyber squatting;
  • Guarantees the presence on the Internet, showing confidence and stability;
  • Enables a spreading of communication and the publicity of products and services;
  • Allows for the raising of new costumers, efficiently;
  • Allows for the association of email addresses to domain names.


RCF is a Registered Agent (Register) licensed by the responsible entity in Portugal, the Association.

It is an expert in the registry, management and maintenance of Domains, always guaranteeing that the costumer has the necessary support in any phase of the domain, before and after the registry.

Length and Maintenance

Domains can be registered and renewed for 1, 3 or 5 years, where in certain types of domains this period can extend to up to 10 years.