Infringement of Rights

What are they?

The Portuguese law provides the guarantees and protection to industrial property and establishes the infringements and means of defense of copyrights and related rights.

In terms of industrial property there are the following illegal actions:


  1. Infringement of patent, utility model or topography of semiconductors’ exclusivity;
  2. Infringement of exclusive rights related to designs or models;
  3. Counterfeiting, imitation and illegal use of brand;
  4. Sale, circulation or concealment of products or articles;
  5. Infringement and illegal use of a designation of origin or of geographical indication;
  6. Acquisition, of ill repute, of patents, models of utility and designs and models registries;
  7. Registry obtained and maintained with abuse of rights;
  8. Registry of a non-existent act, or carried out with concealment of the truth.


  1. Unfair competition;
  2. Invocation or illegal use of rewards;
  3. Infringement of naming and insignia rights
  4. Use of illicit brands
  5. Misuse of name, insignia or logo;
  6. Invocation or inhibited use of private rights

In terms of copyright and related right’s infringement,

  1. Counterfeiting
  2. Infringement of the moral right and the
  3. Utilization of counterfeited or usurped work,

We work daily in the prevention and detection of many of the problems mentioned above, and we also assist our clients in case of illegal actions.

Our Surveillance and Search Department plays a key role in this, along with our technicians from multiple areas, such as chemical, mechanical and other engineers, and our Official Industrial Property Agents.

RCF takes part in seminars, congresses and other national and international events, which allows for a constant and updated knowledge in the field.