Why choose an Intellectual Property Official Agent?

An IPOA (Intellectual Property Official Agent) is a professional recognized by the official organisms responsible for the Industrial Property rights, eliminating the need for a proxy to represent the Applicants and Holders, its constituents, on their behalf and in their interest.

As a professional, the IPOA maintains a close symbiotic relationship with its clients, individual or collective entities, which enables it to identify the best ways for registration, as Industrial Property rights, in order to assure the adequate protection of their interests, in relation to third parties, creating exclusive rights which contribute to the appreciation of the developed activity.

The IPOA advices, suggests and informs about the whole administrative process conducive to the registration of rights, anticipating and avoiding official actions or oppositions which not only delay the process but also increase the costs thereof.

The choice of an IPOA is, certainly, the best option for those who wish to protect and maintain Intellectual Property rights.

RCF has multiple offices that meet the necessary and adequate conditions for the exercise of the IPOAs activity.

It constitutes a structure based on rights’ databases which are processed by suitable technicians that guarantee constant vigilance and control of the rights assigned to them.

RCF has a vast team that covers all areas of Intellectual Property – Trademarks, Patents and Copyright. This team is duly up to date with the Legislation and the Procedures related to the protection on rights.

Furthermore, through its network of offices and international partners, RFC optimizes processes/requests in other countries in which you might be interested in protecting rights with the purpose of expansion and internationalization of the activity you develop.