Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct of RCF Protecting Innovation, SA (RCF PI) reflects the values of our company, the commitment to our clients and business partners and to the Society in general.

The RCF PI’s workers guide their activity towards the compliance and diffusion of our company’s Ethics and Conduct Code, contributing to the institutional image of competence, rigorousness, efficiency and transparency in their daily work.

  1. Human Rights

In RCF PI we believe that companies can thrive only in contexts in which the human rights are protected and respected.

We believe that companies have a moral responsibility to enforce human rights.

We conduct our daily lives with verticality, integrity and transparency, showing respect for the interests and human rights of our workers and also for the business partners with whom we interact in our activity.

  1. Child Labour and Forced Labour

In RCF PI we prohibit child labour, forced labour or labour coming from human trafficking, and we have a high commitment to human dignity and the dignity of each individual.

In our business relationships, we expect our business partners to also have policies against child labour, forced labour and human trafficking.

  1. Non-Discrimination and Diversity

In RCF PI it is prohibited any kind of discrimination based on sex, age, social status, nationality, ethnic or racial origin, religious beliefs, political opinion, disability or sexual orientation.

The principle of equality between men and women is guaranteed, namely with regard to opportunities, employment, remuneration and benefits.

We support diversity in our company and have the concern to create and maintain an inclusive culture.

The principle of equality and the support for diversity does not preclude the adoption of specific measures to safeguard equality and diversity.

  1. Working Conditions

RCF PI believes that a good working environment for the company’s long-term sustainability is fundamental and has as a concern to offer its workers a healthy work environment, fostering good relations, correctness and politeness among colleagues and persons with whom they interact in their duties.

RCF PI continuously promotes the improvement and the updating of the workers’ knowledge, having as aim to improve their professional skills and their motivation in order to increase productivity.

RCF PI urges its workers to cooperate proactively, ensuring effectiveness, rigorousness and quality in the performance of their duties.

RCF PI has a constant concern of maintaining the conditions of remuneration and benefits in the line with market practice.

  1. Harassment at Work

In RCF PI it is prohibited the practice of moral, sexual or other type of harassment, including outside the workplace and during non-working hours, as described under the law.

Harassment can arise through behaviour, action or omission and may be practiced with the purpose or effect of unsettling or embarrassing the worker, of affecting his/her dignity or creating a hostile, degrading or humiliating environment.

Sexual harassment can arise through verbal, non-verbal or physical behaviour.

The alleged victims of harassment should be reported hierarchically, and RCF PI should conduct all sanctioning procedures deemed appropriate and proportionate, with an uncompromising respect for the right to the presumption of innocence of the accused.

  1. Health and Safety

In RCF PI, the workers’ physical health and safety as well as the facilities are fundamental.

In this sense, RCF PI offers the workers the possibility of free vaccination and makes available for them bi-weekly medical consultations.

RCF PI’s premises are intrusion-protected and connected to an alarm centre.

  1. Environment

In RCF PI, we are aware that the activity stimulates the environmental impact, especially concerning the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), which results from energy consumption and the production of waste such as paper and toner.

At RCF PI we promote environmental responsibility by using and recycling material used in the company’s daily life and we rationalize costs, namely of electricity and water.

At RCF PI we are committed to minimizing paper consumption, recycling coffee capsules and banning plastic.

At RCF PI we believe that upholding environmentally friendly policies is to contribute to the sustainability of future generations.

  1. Community

RCF PI believes that the inclusion and participation in the Community’s life and in the Society in general are essential for the proper social integration of the company.

At RCF PI we promote and develop activities under Pro-Bono regime, within the framework of initiatives and institutions of our clients or business partners.

At RCF PI we seek to disseminate and share our knowledge and expertise on Intellectual Property with the Communities and local entities that request us to do so.

  1. Conflicts of interest

At RCF PI we are very sensitive to conflicts of interest and put our clients first, safeguarding any problems that may arise from it.

At RCF PI, before accepting any work, we screen for conflicts of interest with other work assignments, other clients or workers who may be, in any way, involved with the work, client or counterparty concerned.

In RCF PI, all workers undertake not to participate or perform functions in organizations in which the activity may be in conflict with the performance of their duties in our company.

  1. Confidentiality

In RCF PI, all workers are committed to the duty of confidentiality and discretion, fulfilling the general duty of professional secrecy.

RCF PI workers, either when performing their duties or after leaving office, may not use or make available, for their own benefit or for the benefit of third parties, the information they have had access to, being subjected to the confidentiality secret under the terms of the applicable legislation.

RCF PI has privacy policies – one for our clients, posted on our site, and another for our workers, both of which are disseminated by the organization, being the latter known and accepted by all our workers.

  1. Competition

At RCF PI we believe and respect the free and competitive market and we always work to defend fair competition, both with our clients and our suppliers.

In RCF PI we comply with the competition laws, dictated by the competent bodies, at national and international levels.

  1. International Trade

RCF PI strictly complies with all international laws and regulations governing the import and export of services, technologies and information worldwide.

In RCF PI, the knowledge of commercial compliance is an essential aspect in the planning and growth of the daily activities of our company.

  1. Corruption and Bribery

At RCF PI we believe that reputation is one of the pillars of trust that our clients, business partners, suppliers and the Community in general have in our company.

Our conduct and corporate culture is to act always professionally and in accordance with high ethical standards, having “zero” tolerance towards corruption and bribery, which is expressed through various forms.

Any of our company’s workers who is aware of any activity susceptible to violate the corporate conduct and culture is required to report to his/her superior what he/she believes to be object of corruption or bribery.

RCF PI is committed to complying with anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws, both domestic and international.

  1. Tax Fraud, Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing

RCF PI is aware of the need to suppress and denounce organized crime, as well as to combat the laundering of proceeds from criminal activities and the financing of terrorism.

Any of our company’s workers who is aware of an event that could potentially be considered as tax fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing or cybercrime must immediately report to his/her superior and to the Administration.

RCF PI and its workers must comply with national and international standards on these matters.

  1. Purchasing Policy

At RCF PI we believe in the professionalism and ethics of our suppliers, being our purchases made in a competitive market.

Our purchases at RCF PI are ruled by the following principles: quality, confidentiality of our clients, free competition, independence, compliance with ethical standards and result oriented.

  1. Freedom of Association

RCF PI respects its workers right to freedom of association and assembly, as provided for in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.