Specialized Surveillance

RCF provides a technological surveillance service which aims to identify third party requests that are potentially conflicting with intellectual property rights and/or with the commercial/industrial activity of our clients.

To this end, we cross relevant information provided in the Industrial Property Bulletin with the one contained in our client database and identify conflicting requests and registrations, which are immediately reported to our clients at issue in order to enable the triggering of the legal protection mechanisms.

When conflicting requests or registrations are identified, it’s possible, in the first instance, to proceed with a complaint seeking the refusal of such. This option, provided that it’s taken in time, constitutes a simple procedure that allows the avoidance of much more expensive and time-consuming judicial proceedings.

At present, this service includes technological incidence rights, such as patents and utility models, as well as design or national model registrations. The service can be expanded to other countries in cases in which our clients would be interested.