On 1 January 2019, in the wake of the organizational changes that have been taking place, in order to have a RCF PI closer to the market and to the clients, and also more outward-looking and geared  towards an increasingly technological future, a new Board of Directors was appointed in General Meeting:

Dr. António Trigueiros de Aragão

President of the Board, who will be responsible for the Institutional Representation and for Portuguese Trademarks Clients

Dr. João Jorge

Member of the Board, with the following responsibilities: Technical Supervision of all Departments, Patents

Eng. Gustavo Lopes da Silva

Member of the Board, responsible for the Financial Area, International Trademarks Clients and Corporate Accounts

Dr. José Manuel Carvalho

Member of the Board (non-executive)

Diogo Trigueiros de Aragão

Chairman of the Shareholders’ General Meeting

 Dr. Paulo Bandeira

Secretary of the General Meeting

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