By invitation of the Fundação Luso Americana para o Desenvolvimento – FLAD – and within the scope of the initiative CONNECT TO SUCCESS -C2S-, RCF PI was one of the quests invited to participate in two Workshops held in the Azores, one at Terceira Island  and another at the S. Miguel Island, under the subject “HOW TO PROTECT MY TRADEMARK, GOODS OR PROCESS”, through the presence of Dra Elsa Canhão, Manager of Portuguese/EU Trademarks, specialized in Rights Management, and Engineer Jorge Faustino, Manager in the Patents area (Annuities, Validations , Advisory).

Launched in April 2014, Connect to Success C2S– is an initiative that aims to strengthen the Portuguese economy by supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises owned and managed by women and currently has about 1 000 entrepreneurs participating in the project.

It was implemented to help women entrepreneurs to overcome the barriers to the economic growth.

The support given to women to increase the economic power of their enterprises is imperative for the rehabilitation, recovery and growth of the Portuguese economy.

Connect to Success C2S– creates synergies among entrepreneurs, NGOs, companies, educational partners, among many others.

Being integrated in these diverse ecosystems helps the women entrepreneurs to survive in a volatile economic environment and to create a diverse and inclusive network of contacts!


The program consists of three components:


The Corporate Mentoring program was created to provide women entrepreneurs with knowledge that will result in growth and development of their businesses.

The MBA/ Masters Consulting offers the women entrepreneurs the opportunity to work, during a semester, with a team of MBA or Masters of Portuguese Universities students who will address one of the main challenges of the business.

The workshops were implemented to develop the entrepreneurial skills of the women entrepreneurs, in fields such as marketing and social network management, accounting and finance, among others.