In the second edition of Web Summit in Portugal, RCF, a firm specialized in intellectual property registration with more than 80 years of experience, wanted to know better the degree of knowledge of visitors and the level of protection of intellectual property rights of startups at the event, in particular as regards trademark registration and patent application, and therefore carried out an investigation during the 3-day period.

One of the most relevant conclusions reached by this survey was that more than 30% of the entrepreneurs surveyed had not yet made any kind of registration or registration application. As for the motives, half of the respondents said they did not do it because they were postponing the process but planned to do so in the near future. On the other hand, 21% admitted not knowing how to do it.

This year, in addition to sensitizing the public at the Web Summit to the need to protect their intellectual property rights and helping to clarify the main doubts of entrepreneurs, RCF wanted to raise awareness of the real importance of registration and to encourage the protection of rights, and therefore has given a symbolic discount on their professional fees.

Despite the high number of businesses, projects and inventions not protected in the event, RCF raised more than 600 contacts with requests for clarification regarding the offer made available.

According to the firm, it has again been proven that most entrepreneurs, perhaps out of sheer ignorance about the subject and its consequences or mistakenly viewing the register as mere bureaucracy, tend to be primarily focused on the creative side, strategy, the launching and success of their business/ creation and take second place to the most essential issue that is the protection of their rights through registration.

It is common for entrepreneurs to belatedly realize the need for registration, and it is therefore important for them to be aware that the absence of protection of their rights can actually compromise all the work, effort and investment undertaken so far. That is why the registration needs to be one of the top priorities before investing, launching and even spreading your project.

RCF believes to have sensitized entrepreneurs to this reality, noting that ownership and exclusive rights (patents, designs or distinctive signs of trade, such as trademarks) are acquired only through registration, not through simple use in the market.

Another relevant conclusion drawn from the surveys is that a large proportion of the visitors who actually registered their brand or establishment stated having done so directly instead of having recourse to a specialized Intellectual Property company.

Companies that specialize in Intellectual Property and the protection of intellectual property rights, such as RCF, have specialized professionals who study the feasibility of registries through technical advice on the best protection routes and maintain post-registration technological oversight. An entrepreneur who resorts to RCF will enjoy permanent monitoring of their rights during their term, contrary to what happens when they apply for registration directly with the Official Institutes.

Ensure that you have all the technical support necessary to the correct and adequate protection of your rights, using specialized entities in the area of ​​Intellectual Property.