Representing RCF – PI, Madalena Pacheco, was present at the “XIII Jornadas del Tribunal de Marcas de la Unión Europea”, held at the Institute of Intellectual Property of the European Union – EUIPO in Alicante from 15 to 16 November 2018.

The event was organized by ICALI – Ilustre Provincial College of Lawyers of Alicante, with the collaboration of EUIPO, ICOPAL – luster College of Public Prosecutors of Alicante and CGPJ – General Council of Judicial Power.

Rrepresentatives and examiners of EUIPO, members of the IP Section of ICALI, Judges of the General Court of the EU, among others, were present and speakers.

In this event subjects such as:

  • Case law of the EUIPO Board of Appeal
  • Case-law criteria of the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • Provisional scheme in connection with the litigation of trade marks of the European Union
  • The Impact of BREXIT on Industrial and Intellectual Property

were address.